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I’ll be traveling quite a lot this year teaching workshops in France and beyond. Get on board and enjoy from afar.

I’ll be adding regular recipes from my thousands of years worth of restaurant days (it only felt like that, I’m less than thousands of years old) and conversation points on learning to cook intuitively. Come on in, the oven is warm and the spritzes are fizzy.

Also, you jokers (love you) blow up my phone and DMs with “where to eat” shit like a bunch of CUKOO BANANA PANTS. So, I’m going to give some very clear city guides - starting with my own home town of Nashville. The archives will hopefully become very useful!

Also Monthly: A dedicated essay for you to chew on about the state of life from where I’m standing and sometimes from where I’m curled up in a ball. But, I promise it’ll be thoughtful and hopefully well copy-edited. Godspeed to me.

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